Linking genomics with computational science

This group, including Albrecht Struppler Clinician Scientist Fellow PD Dr. med. Michael Zech (Institute of Human Genetics, TUM University Hospital Rechts der Isar), PhD students, and TUM collaboration partner Prof. Dr. Julien Gagneur (Computational Molecular Medicine, TUM), will bridge the disciples of genomics and bioinformatics by establishing close trans-departamental relationships between TUM School of Medicine and TUM School of Computation, Information, and Technology, paving the way for big data-driven research in life sciences, optimized diagnostics, and personalized medicine. The collaborative team will harness high-throughput molecular methods, multiomics data, deep-learning informatics tools, shareable computational workflows, and cross-disciplinary thinking to ensure rapid translation of DNA base-pair technologies to bedside applications and accelerate reputable developments in bioinformatics. The Fellowship will bring to public light the importance of the fields of genomic and computational molecular medicine with the goals of finding improved molecular diagnoses for patients and identifying underlying pathophysiology.