General Information about Fellowships

  • In order to enhance successful nominations, a preliminary discussion with the TUM‑IAS office is highly recommended.
  • The President of TUM and the TUM-IAS director agree on suitable candidates for the Carl von Linde Fellowships, taking into account university-strategic considerations. Following a decision by the TUM Management Board, candidates are presented to the TUM-IAS Board of Trustees for evaluation. After the Board's approval, the Carl von Linde Fellows are appointed by the President of TUM and the TUM-IAS director. An independent peer-review process is used to select the Albrecht Struppler, Anna Boyksen, Dieter Schwarz (Fellowship / Courageous Research Grant), Hans Fischer (Senior) and Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellows as well as the Philosophers in Residence. A detailed description of the evaluation process can be found here. TUM-IAS follows the TUM Faculty Tenure Track Entry Evaluation procedure (please see here for details) to evaluate the quality of the proposals for Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Professorships. Visiting Fellowships for Alumni Fellows are decided on a case by case basis by the TUM-IAS director.
  • All Fellows are “embedded” in the school to which their host belongs, and receive all the benefits, accommodation and honors the respective school provides to its guest scientists.
  • Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellows: TUM-IAS has an IPR agreement/concept that covers mutual IPR rights and duties in the cooperation between TUM and the company or university of the Fellow, via the research unit they are participating in. The agreement is in accordance with the purposes of the Fellowship. These purposes aim at the expansion of the mutual scientific and technological knowledge base for the benefit of both parties and the enhancement of the cooperation between research groups at TUM and other universities or companies. The IPR agreements are typically dealt with on a case-by-case basis. For TUM employees different rules apply as stated in the respective TUM employment arrangements.
  • For Fellowships that comprise funding for a doctoral candidate, TUM-IAS funds doctoral candidates by paying a TV-L E13 position (max. 75%) for three years.
  • Doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers are part of the TUM-IAS community. In case of changes in personnel, the TUM-IAS office must be informed immediately, and the further procedure will then be discussed.
  • Fellows will be allocated an office space in the TUM-IAS building in Garching depending on need and availability. Postdoctoral researchers and doctoral candidates connected to Fellows may also be accommodated.
  • TUM-IAS will provide assistance to all non-Munich-based Fellows in search of accommodation for themselves and/or their families.
  • Travel expenses of Albrecht Struppler, Anna Boyksen, Dieter Schwarz (Fellowship / Courageous Research Grant), Hans Fischer (Senior), and Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellows as well as Philosophers in Residence to Munich will be covered by their research fund. To present the research of the Focus Group, travel costs to conferences can also be covered by their research fund. The TUM-IAS office requires further documentation on these expenses (conference program/paper/poster/ presentation; invitation letter for a lecture).