Agriculture-Water Management-Climate Change

7-9 February 2019

About the Event

Increasing extreme weather events lead to significant loss of agricultural soil and increased nutrient input to water sources, stressing the quality of surface waters in particular. Another climate-variable factor impacting on the relationship of water and soil quality is biodiversity. Its progressing loss has more than eco-systemic significance, as it sensitively affects cultural landscapes as an asset for tourism-based economy. To meet climate change’s structural challenges effectively, the interest groups involved need to develop solutions in a participatory approach.

Therefore, the event brought together responsible agents in agriculture and environmental management, science and society, drawing on their knowledge in various disciplines for a constructive exchange of ideas. The workshop wanted tp enable and advance an open dialogue between different stakeholders to address shared problems interactively.

Therefore, a group of 46 expert scientists and political administrators met at the conference center Kloster Seeon and approached the question of why political leadership struggles to implement knowledge about climate change and the environment into viable agricultural politics.

[The event was held in German]