Board of Trustees

 The Board of Trustees is formed by a group of international advisors from academia, research support organizations, and industry. It advises the TUM-IAS director on general scientific, organizational, and technical issues. The Board also defines the general strategy and standards of the TUM-IAS. …

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Advisory Council

The TUM-IAS Advisory Council is composed mainly of TUM faculty, representing the different research areas of the university and the TUM-IAS. One of its prime functions is advising on the suitability and ranking of Fellow nominations the TUM-IAS receives for its various Fellowship programs. In addition, the Council advises on the scientific and technological course of the TUM-IAS, on the basis of an assessment of the potential and needs of the university. The Advisory Council usually meets three times a year. ...

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TUM-IAS Management Office

(status: January 2024)

Meet the TUM-IAS Management Team, which is responsible for our Fellowship Programs, liaison with our Fellows, workshops and conferences, our guesthouse, and all other TUM-IAS services.
(7.67 full-time equivalents)


Images: Astrid Eckert (Wagenbauer, Limmer); Sebastian Kissel (Molls, Kohout, Grötler, Joubin); Thomas Wieland (Marsch); Walter
Daschner (Hägele)