Human Cognition in Neuroengineering

The Focus Group “Human Cognition in Neuroengineering” involves Hans Fischer Senior Fellow Prof. Agnieszka Wykowska (Italian Institute of Technology) and her host, Prof. Gordon Cheng (Cognitive Systems, TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology).

The aim of the Focus Group is to address human cognitive mechanisms in the context of neuroengineering. When developing (neuro-)technological solutions for healthcare, one should not marginalize the human cognitive mechanisms that are involved in interaction with such technology, and in interaction with the world (through the technology.) For example, the use and acceptance of exoskeletons or prostheses is highly dependent on how much sense of control the user experiences when acting upon the environment through such devices. When engaged in neurorehabilitation, the user should not experience excessive cognitive load or attentional demands that are interfering with the progress of the rehabilitation. With cognitive neuroscience methods (performance measures, EEG, eye tracking), this focus group will examine human cognition (sense of agency, attention, cognitive control) involved in the use of neuroengineering solutions.