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9-11 March 2020

About the Event

Agriculture with reasonable social and ecological standards is a local and sustainable measure for soil, water, climate and species protection. Its social and ecological effectiveness unfolds when farmers receive fair prices and consumers transparent information; and, in addition, animals, soil and water resources enjoy adequate care. Over the decades, research has created a broad knowledge base for this purpose.

Social acceptance of fair and sustainable agriculture is reflected in the consumers' desire for ecologically compatible and regionally produced food and a growing market segment for biodynamic food refinement.
Reality often looks different.

Further sustainable development of agricultural practice must take place along the entire value chain, from the producer to the market behaviour of the consumer. Above all, however, this must be accompanied by political measures, social action and scientific support. How can we help to strengthen and encourage policy making to take consistent and - if necessary - uncomfortable action? And how can we prepare society to go down this path voluntarily?

[The event was held in German]