Facts and Figures

Excellence Strategy, Clusters of Excellence, and TUM Budget

After having played a central part in the first two rounds of the Excellence Initiative (2006–2012 and 2012–2019), the TUM-IAS became a permanent institution of TUM, financed out of the general TUM budget.

In addition, the TUM-IAS receives funding from the current Excellence Strategy, thanks to its Anna Boyksen and Albrecht Struppler ­Clinician Scientist Fellowships, and the Philosopher in Residence program. In addition, the TUM-IAS is collaborating with the Cluster of Excellence e-conversion, which ­finances ­several TUM-IAS@e-conversion Hans ­Fischer ­Senior Fellowships. A total of three Fellowships are currently funded within this ­program

Third-party funding

TÜV Süd Foundation

In 2023, two Philosophers in Residence were appointed for the first time. This new ­one-year Fellowship is funded by the TÜV SÜD Foundation and the Excellence ­Strategy. Two more Philosophers in Residence can be ­appointed in 2024 and 2025.

The TUM-IAS has a long collaboration history with the TÜV SÜD Foundation: after having funded short-term Visiting Professorships for several years, the foundation funded two Hans Fischer (Senior) Fellows in 2016 and 2019 respectively. With its support for these Fellowships, the foundation aimed to ­promote research in the fields of energy ­efficiency and climate protection, test procedures, product and plant safety, and ­compliance ­management.

Siemens AG

Since 2018, the Siemens AG has ­provided TUM-IAS with a total of EUR 4.6 million over two funding periods, enabling the appointment of two additional Hans Fischer (­Senior) Fellowships per year. After the first six ­Siemens-funded Fellowship concentrated on the areas of Simulation and Digital Twin as well as Future of Autonomous Systems/Robotics, the focus is now on the Industrial Metaverse. So far, eight Fellowships funded by the Siemens AG have been appointed at TUM-IAS.

Georg Nemetschek Institute Artificial Intelligence for the Built World

Since 2022, the Georg Nemetschek Institute has provided funding for one Hans ­Fischer (Senior) Fellowship per year, focusing on the field of Artificial Intelligence for the Built World. A second Fellowship was awarded in 2023 (please see chapter “Welcome Our New Fellows”).

Fellow Distribution by Fellowship Category in 2023

Expenditure per Fellowship Category in 2023 (Total € 2,998,000)

Fellow Distribution according to TUM-IAS Research Areas in 2023

Expenditure per TUM-IAS Research Area in 2023 (Total € 2,998,000)

Fellow Distribution by TUM School in 2023

Expenditure per TUM School in 2023 (Total € 2,998,000)