Chronobiology & Health

The Focus Group Chronobiology & Health investigates how the environment controls our inner biological clock. The light-dark cycle is a crucial influence on our circadian rhythm, which is set by the activity of light-sensitive cells in the eye connecting to the structure in the brain housing the circadian clock. With the advent of electric lighting, light has become ubiquitous and available 24/7, leading to circadian disruption.
The Focus Group Chronobiology & Health employs state-of-the-art methods to examine how light influences our physiology and behaviour, ranging from well-controlled laboratory studies with carefully designed lighting scenarios to field studies in the real world.
Our approach is to go from mechanisms to interventions to modify light exposure in a personalized fashion to support health and well-being optimally. In addition to answering these core translational research questions, three additional areas of interest are developing an open-source ecosystem for digital interventions in the field of sleep and circadian science, developing effective science communication strategies, and working within standardization organizations related to light and lighting.