Biomedical Engineering

Prof. Walter Kucharczyk is a Professor in the Departments of Medical Imaging and Surgery at the University of Toronto. As a Hans Fischer Senior Fellow of the IAS, he intensified his collaboration with Prof. Lüth of TUM's MIMED institute. As part of this collaboration, it was planned that a group of researchers from TUM will open a satellite facility in Toronto to develop and test new technology for image-guided minimally invasive surgery. Kucharczyk, a Past-President of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) , has done significant research in image guided minimally invasive and non-invasive therapy (CT and MRI) at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto where he acquired grants for more than 17 million Canadian Dollars in recent years and lead the university in several large research proposals.

Prof. Axel Haase is the Director of the Institute of Medical Engineering (IMETUM) and as a Carl von Linde Senior Fellow active in this TUM-IAS Focus Group.

TUM-IAS funded doctoral candidates:
Thomas Gaaß (PhD in 2013), Medical Engineering, IMETUM
Marika Kuschan, Medical Engineering, IMETUM

Publications by the Focus Group


  • Gaaß, Thomas: Acceleration of Radial Data Acquisition in Medical Imaging via Iterative, Histogram-Constrained Reconstruction. Dissertation, 2013 mehr…