Advanced Cardiac Mechanics Emulator

Prof. Michael Ortiz is a Professor of Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and was active as a Hans Fischer Senior Fellow at TUM-IAS until 2013. He was hosted at TUM by Prof. Wolfgang A. Wall (Institute for Computational Mechanics).

TUM, UCLA, and Caltech collaborated, partly under the auspices of the Institute for Advanced Study, to develop a complete computational model of the human heart. The Advanced Cardiac Mechanics Emulator (ACME) will enable detailed and high-fidelity predictions of cardiac function in both healthy and diseased individuals. ACME combines the most advanced biomechanical models to date of myocardial tissue, hemodynamics, and the electrophysiological response of the heart with the latest advances in high-performance and extreme computing.

TUM-IAS funded doctoral candidate:
Andreas Nagler, Computational Mechanics

Cristóbal Bertoglio, Computational Mechanics

Publications by the Focus Group


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