Winter drougths.

An increasing threat to water security.

Newspaper article "Der Wasseralarm" by Christian Sebald, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Tuesday 28, 2023.

Is Germany increasingly drying out?

Prof. Jörg E. Drewes on the Bayern 2 Podcast “Dossier Politik”

Humans already feel the direct effects of climate change through persistent periods of drought and heat. In addition, the groundwater level in Germany suffers from increasing annual mean temperatures and excess extraction. Could this become a problem in the near future? In the BR "Dossier Politik" podcast, Prof. Jörg E. Drewes, head of the TUM Department of Urban Water Management, shares his expert opinion.

Germany is a water-rich nation. However, are we possibly running out of groundwater? These and other questions were discussed by host Ina Krauß with several guests in the Bayern 2 podcast aired on July 6, 2022. With many years of research experience in water-scarce regions of the Earth, Prof. Drewes headed the Bavarian expert commission on water security in 2021. In his conversation with Ina Krauß, he explains the generational task of counteracting water scarcity in the country. It encompasses the challenges posed by altering infrastructural systems and the benefits of previously forward-thinking design in water management systems in Bavaria.

More about the contributions that industry, commerce, agriculture, and private households can make in this endeavor, can be accessed through the BR-Mediathek or the media file embedded below.

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