Water Future in Bavaria - Expert Commission

Prof. Jörg E. Drewes, IESP board member, and TUM-IAS host, in the midst of a group of eight IESP affiliated experts in water research delivered an expert report to the Bavarian State Government on how to secure the Bavaria's water supply in the future.

The mission of the Expert Commission was to serve as an independent scientific body to shed light on the topic of water supply from the perspective of both science and practice. A key outcome of the commission's report is to further strengthen the resilience of the various supply systems and thus improve their ability to cope with the increasing impacts of climate change.

The Bericht der Expertenkommission "Wasserversorgung in Bayern” was published on 17 June 2021 and festively handed to State Minister Thosten Glauber on 21 October 2021.


Authors (from left to right):

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg E. Drewes (spokesperson) with State Minister Thorsten Glauber

Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Peter Rutschmann

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Disse

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Pauleit

Prof. Dr. rer. silv. Annette Menzel

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Theodor Strobl

Prof. Dr. agr. Karl Auerswald

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Silke Wieprecht  (not in the picture)

To download the report, click on the image below or visit www.wasser.tum.de

For more information on the commission and its contribution to the Bavarian Water Strategy 2050, please see the press release of the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection.