Peter Lamp

Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellow

BMW Group

Battery Technology

Hubert A. Gasteiger

Focus Group
Electrochemical Interfaces in Batteries

Short CV

Dr. Peter Lamp received his MSc in physics from the Technical University of Munich in 1989. In 1993, he obtained his PhD in general physics. His PhD thesis “Investigation of photoelectric injection of electrons in liquid argon” was prepared at the Max Planck Institute for Physics, Munich. Between 1994 and 2000 he was group leader at the Department of Energy Conversion and Storage of the Bayerischen Zentrum für angewandte Energieforschung (ZAE) in Garching. After a short period as project leader for fuel cell systems at Webasto Thermo Systems International GmbH, he joined BMW AG in 2001 as a development engineer for fuel cell systems.
Since 2004 he has been leader of the “Technology and Concepts Electric Energy Storage” group and, since 2012, of the “Battery Technology” department at BMW.

Research Interests

Electrochemical energy storage and conversion (Li-ion, SOFC technology). Principle of operation, manufacturing processes and applications from single cell up to system level including fundamental understanding of materials development and characterization.

Energy conversion systems Techniques for combined heat-power and combined heat-cooling-power with heat waste and solar energy use by sorption technique. Energy balance and management of complex power engineering systems. Process technology in the area of combustion/gasification of biomass/waste.

Charge transport in disordered media in dense gaseous and liquid noble gases. Experimental and theoretical investigation of electron-scattering processes.

Selected Publications

  • Borghesani, A. F.; Lamp, P.: Collection efficiency of photoelectrons injected into near- and supercritical argon gas. The Journal of Chemical Physics 138 (3), 2013, 034309.
  • Lamp, Peter: Anforderungen an Batterien für die Elektromobilität. In: Handbuch Lithium-Ionen-Batterien. Springer Science + Business Media, 2013.
  • Borghesani, A F; Lamp, P: Injection of photoelectrons into dense argon gas. Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 20 (3), 2011, 034001.
  • Lamp, P.; Tachtler, J.; Finkenwirth, O.; Mukerjee, S.; Shaffer, S.: Development of an Auxiliary Power Unit with Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Automotive Applications. Fuel Cells 3 (3), 2003, 146-152.
  • Rzepka, M.; Lamp, P.; de la Casa-Lillo, M. A.: Physisorption of Hydrogen on Microporous Carbon and Carbon Nanotubes. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 102 (52), 1998, 10894-10898.
  • Lamp, P.; Schweigler, C.; Ziegler, F.: Opportunities for sorption cooling using low grade heat. Applied Thermal Engineering 18 (9-10), 1998, 755-764.
  • Lamp, P; Ziegler, F: European research on solar-assisted air conditioning. International Journal of Refrigeration 21 (2), 1998, 89-99.
  • Lamp, P.; Reichel, A.; Funk, R.: The efficiency of heat and power production from combustion and gasification. In: Developments in Thermochemical Biomass Conversion. Springer Science + Business Media, 1997.
  • Lamp, P.; Buschhorn, G.: Electron transport in fluid argon in combined electric and magnetic fields. Phys. Rev. B 50 (23), 1994, 16824-16834.
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  • Bruschi, L.; Santini, M.; Torzo, G.: Electron mobility in high density neon Gas. Physics Letters A 102 (3), 1984, 102-105.

Publications as TUM-IAS-Fellow


  • Muy, Sokseiha; Bachman, John C.; Giordano, Livia; Chang, Hao-Hsun; Abernathy, Douglas L.; Bansal, Dipanshu; Delaire, Olivier; Hori, Satoshi; Kanno, Ryoji; Maglia, Filippo; Lupart, Saskia; Lamp, Peter; Shao-Horn, Yang: Tuning mobility and stability of lithium ion conductors based on lattice dynamics. Energy & Environmental Science 11 (4), 2018, 850-859 mehr… BibTeX Volltext ( DOI )