Peter Schröder

Hans Fischer Senior Fellow

California Institute of Technology

Computer Science

Rüdiger Westermann

Focus Group
Advanced Computation

Short CV

Peter Schröder is a Professor of Computer Science and Applied and Computational Mathematics at the California Institute of Technology where he began his academic career in 1995. Prior to Caltech and a short stint as postdoctoral research fellow at Interval Corporation (summer 1995) he was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of South Carolina department of mathematics and a lecturer in the computer science department, where he worked with Prof. Björn Jawerth and Dr. Wim Sweldens. He received his PhD in computer science from Princeton University in 1994 for work on "Wavelet Methods for Illumination Computations." Prior to Princeton he was a member of the technical staff at Thinking Machines, where he worked on graphics algorithms for massively parallel computers. In 1990 he received an MS degree from MIT's Media Lab. He did his undergraduate work at the Technical University of Berlin in computer science and pure mathematics. He has also held an appointment as a visiting researcher with the German national computer science research lab (GMD) and its visualization group.

Selected Awards

  • 2006, Humboldt Research Prize
  • 2003, ACM/SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award
  • 2001, Discover Magazine Innovator Finalist Award
  • 1998, Packard Fellowship
  • 1997, Okawa Foundation Grant
  • 1997, IBM partnership Award
  • 1996, Sloan Fellowship
  • 1996, NSF CAREER Award

Research Interests

The following topics represent the core of Schröder’s research: geometric modeling, hierarchical methods, physical simulation and numerical algorithms. He is a world expert in the area of wavelet based methods for computer graphics. He helped pioneer the use of fast wavelet solvers for illumination computations and developed (with Dr. Sweldens) the first practical spherical wavelet transform. 

Selected Publications

  • Springborn, B.; Schröder, P.; Pinkall, U.: Conformal Equivalence of Triangle Meshes. ACM Transactions on Graphics 27, 2008.
  • Elcott, Sharif; Tong, Yiying; Kanso, Eva; Schröder, Peter; Desbrun, Mathieu: Stable, circulation-preserving, simplicial fluids. TOG 26 (1), 2007, 4-es.
  • Rahman, Inam Ur; Drori, Iddo; Stodden, Victoria C.; Donoho, David L.; Schröder, Peter: Multiscale Representations for Manifold-Valued Data. Multiscale Modeling & Simulation 4 (4), 2005, 1201-1232.
  • Grinspun, E.; Hirani, A.; Desbrun, M.; Schröder, P.: Discrete Shells. Symposium in Computer Animation, 2003.
  • Schklone, S.; Pruett, M.:Schröder, P.;: Surface Drawing, Creating Organic 3D Shapes with the Hand and Tangible Tools. Proceedings of the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2001.
  • Khodakovsky, A.; Schröder, P.; Sweldens, W.;: Progressive Geometry Compression. Computer Graphics, 2000, 271-278.
  • Cirak, F.; Ortiz, M.; SChröder. P.: Subdivision Surfaces, "A New Paradigm for Thin-Shell Finite-Element Analysis. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 47, 2000.
  • Desbrun, M.; MEyer, M.; Schröder, P.; Barr, A.: Implicit Fairing of Irregular Meshes using Diffusion and Curvature Flow. Cumputer Graphics, 1999, 317-324.
  • Schröder, P.; Sweldens, W.: Spherical Wavelets: Efficiently Representing Functions on the Sphere. Computer Graphics, 1995, 161-172.

Publications as TUM-IAS-Fellow


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