He for She: Understanding Men’s Allyship to Promote Gender Equality

The Focus Group “ He for She” consists of Anna Boyksen Fellow Prof. Ronit Kark (Bar-Ilan University and Exeter University) and her host Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus (TUM School of Management). The Focus Group also collaborates closely with Prof. Claudia Buengeler (Kiel University).

It seeks to establish a broader understanding that lead to men’s engagement for the promotion of women in organizations with a special focus on hyper masculine fields (e.g., STEM fields). Using multimethods, that combine qualitative research methods (e.g. qualitative interviews) as well as quantitative methods (e.g. large-scale surveys, experiments) the Focus Group seeks to unravel: 1) When men are likely to become allies by focusing on the ideology, motivations, emotions, opportunities and possible gains for men as allies in work organizations. 2) To uncover the challenges and possible drawbacks of men’s allyship and how women (and other men) react to them. 3) To understand when they are likely to meet less barriers and backlash and when will they be successful in their actions. We also seek to offer more nuanced insights by adopting different contextual and social sensitive lenses and to inform practical interventions designed to facilitate and improve men’s allyship specifically in TUM and more at large within work organizations.