Mission and Vision

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) resolved to establish the TUM Institute for Advanced Study (TUM-IAS) in 2005 as an international and interdisciplinary research institute. The institute is a central corner stone of the TUM's institutional strategy and creates room for developing interdisciplinary research fields and development of top-level research free of administrativeloads. With the TUM-IAS, the TUM aims to further promote competition and make a vital contribution to the advancement of science by stimulating the creativity of idea-rich minds.

"Risking Creativity" and the development of new, excellent research areas at TUM comprise the philosophy of the Institute. It is an explicit goal to help scientists shape their careers and build up successful international cooperations. The TUM-IAS should not only offer space for creative freedom, but also – within certain guidelines - for speculative, high-risk projects.

With its Fellowship program, the TUM-IAS brings scientists together on three levels: early-career and experienced researchers, scientists from international research institutions and from TUM, as well as academic and industrial researchers. The Fellows jointly define, develop, and establish promising new research fields.