Advisory Council

(status: May 2021)

The TUM-IAS Advisory Council is composed by TUM faculty, representing the different research areas of the university and this Institute. One of its prime functions is advising on the suitability and ranking of Fellow nominations the Institute receives for its various Fellowship programs. In addition, the Council advises on the scientific and technological course of the Institute, on the basis of an assessment of the potential and needs of the university. The Advisory Council meets regularly, typically three times a year.


Prof. Martin Bichler, Decision Sciences & Systems

Prof. Hendrik Dietz, Biomolecular Nanotechnology

Prof. Laura Fabbietti, Experimental Physics: Dense and Strange Hadronic Matter

Prof. Hubert Gasteiger, Technical Electrochemistry

Prof. Florian Holzapfel, Flight System Dynamics

Prof. Michael Krautblatter, Landslide Research

Prof. Thomas Misgeld, Neuronal Cell Biology

Prof. Frank Petzold, Architectural Informatics

Prof. Claudia Peus, Research and Science Management /  Senior Vice President for Talent Management and Diversity

Prof. Ulf Schlichtmann, Electronic Design Automation

Prof. Chris-Carolin Schön, Plant Breeding

Prof. Miranda Schreurs, Environmental and Climate Policy

Prof. Stephan A. Sieber, Organic Chemistry II

Prof. Simone Warzel, Global Analysis

After two terms of office, the membership of Prof. Dirk Busch, Prof. Ulrich Heiz, Prof. Katharina Krischer, Prof. Sabine Maasen, Prof. Gerhard Rempe, Prof. Daniel Straub and Prof. Barbara Wohlmuth has ended in 2020. We would like to express our sincerest thanks for being able to rely on their experience and insight during the evaluation of our Fellowship proposals and the selection of our new Fellows for so many years.