Inclusion and Diversity in the Manufacturing sector in Industry 4.0

The Focus Group on Inclusion and Diversity in the Manufacturing sector in Industry 4.0 involves Anna Boyksen Fellow Dr. Jihyun Lee (University of Calgary) and her Host Prof. Michael Zäh (TUM).

This Focus Group aims to build new strategies to promote women's participation in manufacturing through digital skills training and enhancing linkages between academia and industry. Insights gained from the analysis will be applied to training female students in the area of advanced manufacturing. The anticipated outcome of this proposal will be strategic guidelines for universities to minimize the gender gap in current and future manufacturing sectors. This outcome will bring socio-economic benefits to Germany, Canada, and other countries.

The long-term objectives are to create a better working environment in manufacturing with gender equality and work-life balance and to overcome labour shortages by training skilled female talent in the manufacturing sector. Skilled female talent will benefit not only manufacturing companies but also society. The deliverables from the project’s long-term objectives will be adjusted for the platform of each country and will be used to implement female talent training programs in manufacturing.

Publications by the Focus Group


  • Weber, Mitchell; Hartl, Roman; Zäh, Michael F.; Lee, Jihyun: Dynamic Pose Tracking Accuracy Improvement via Fusing HTC Vive Trackers and Inertia Measurement Units. International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing 24 (9), 2023, 1661-1674 more…