Human-Centric Building Performance

The Focus Group “Human-Centric Building Performance” consists of Hans Fischer Fellow Prof. Siobhan Rockcastle (University of Oregon), her host Prof. Thomas Auer (TUM School of Engineering and Design, Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design), and Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Prof. Manuel Spitschan (TUM Sport and Health Sciences, Assistant Professorship of Chronobiology & Health).

The role of this Focus Group is to study the dynamic effects of visual and thermal conditions on human perception, health, and comfort indoors. Using controlled laboratory experiments and advanced computational methods, this group seeks to create dynamic predictive models that can inform the design of healthy buildings. Modelling human health and comfort across a holistic range of factors requires analysis of both physiological and subjective signals over time to understand biological adaptations and naturally occurring changes in the surrounding environment. Supported by the SenseLab (TUM) and through ongoing collaboration with the Baker Lighting Lab (University of Oregon), this Focus Group will evaluate visual and thermal conditions in an experimental setting to create a holistic dataset and reveal how indoor environments play a role in shaping human health. This Focus Group will rely on regular collaboration from the Department of Informatics and the Department of Sport and Health Sciences.

Prof. Rockcastle holds a TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Fellowship funded by the TUM Georg Nemetschek Institute.

TUM-IAS funded doctoral candidate:

Bilge Kobas, Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design (TUM School of Engineering and Design)

Publications by the Focus Group


  • Rockcastle, Siobhan; Mahic, Alen: Simulating the annual energy demand to meet non-visual health recommendations from a luminaire level lighting control system. Energy and Buildings 303, 2024, 113772 more…