Molecular assemblies and covalent nanostructures on wide bandgap semiconductor surfaces

The scientific purpose of this Focus Group is to develop and explore a new materials base for the investigation of electronic properties (electronic transport, optical absorption, excited state imaging) of highly ordered molecular monolayers and polymeric organic wires as well as sheet structures on the surfaces of wide bandgap semiconductors (notably diamond, GaN, AlGaN). This is done via molecular self-assembly and on-surface synthesis. The project will combine the high-level expertise of Hans Fischer Senior Fellow Prof. Lifeng Chi and her host Prof. Johannes Barth in the field of supramolecular engineering and on-surface synthesis on metal surfaces under UHV conditions with the technological capabilities of her second host Prof. Martin Stutzmann in the growth and preparation of wide bandgap semiconductor substrates. Importantly, a novel approach for lateral structuring on the nanoscale will be developed to achieve an unprecedented level of complexity to fully explore the application potential of such structures as hybrid materials relevant for organic electronics and other rapidly advancing technologies.

TUM-IAS funded doctoral candidate:
Mohammadreza Rostami, former Department of Physics

Publications by the Focus Group


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