Neurons and Metabolism

Neuronal metabolism depends heavily on mitochondrial ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) generation and transport of mitochondria ensures sufficient ATP across the complex neuronal arbor. The Focus Group around Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Professor Angelika Harbauer aims to uncover the homeostatic mechanisms that allow neuronal mitochondria to exist far away from the cellbody and still retain a functional proteome. This process, called “Mitostasis”, is most likely a finely tuned concert of mitochondrial transport, local protein synthesis and local degradation by proteasomal and autophagic mechanisms. Failure to maintain mitochondrial quality – especially in neurons – leads to neurodegenerative diseases, underlining the importance of our research.

Publications by the Focus Group


  • Wanderoy, Simone; Hees, J. Tabitha; Klesse, Ramona; Edlich, Frank; Harbauer, Angelika B.: Kill one or kill the many: interplay between mitophagy and apoptosis. Biological Chemistry 402 (1), 2020, 73-88 more…