Workshop „Fabricating Archaeologies: Feminist Craft, Human Hands and Intelligent Architectures“ by Anna Boyksen Fellow Nathalie Bredella

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Workshop by Anna Boyksen Fellow Nathalie Bredella with Andrea Reichenberger (TUM School of Social Sciences and Technology, History of Technology), Rudolf Seising (Deutsches Museum), in connection with Grayson Bailey („Feminist Craft“ Seminar), supported by Tabitha Goricki-Eickel and  Simon Rötsch.

Dates:  3rd and 4th July 2024
Venue: Vorhoelzer Forum, Technical University of Munich,
             Arcisstraße 21, 80333 Munich

Evolving digital ecologies promise to situate technologies, software systems and mixed actors within new epistemological approaches. Locating digital production processes within feminist labour histories, this workshop will interrogate the narratives which surround computation, the relationships between craft and digital production, and the subsequent interconnections between the human and the machine. In looking at histories of software systems as craft archaeologies, we are interested in the hybrid modes of computation and construction, as well as in the methods of writing these situated histories.

Using a wide set of methodologies (oral history, media archaeology, technical re-enactment, archival research), we aim to bring together historical and theoretical investigations and to bridge the gap between the history of craft, computer science and artificial intelligence (AI). The questions that immediately arise are both concrete and abstract: What tensions have arisen around the automation of craft processes and mechanized calculation procedures? In what ways is the emphasis on productivity entangled with marginalization? How can we capture (situate) industrial and digital practices across disciplines? And what role do theories of contextual knowledge in a feminist framework play in the realm of diversity and epistemic (in)justice? Bringing together perspectives from architecture and technology studies, this workshop will highlight how technical, social, and societal elements interweave, investigating the manner in which material processes form communities.



Wednesday, July 3, 2024

2:00 pm          Introduction

Session I

2:30 pm          Ada’s Dream. Weaving as Algorithmic Culture?

                       Ellen Harlizius-Klück (Deutsches Museum München)

3:15 pm          Leibniz, Krüger and Practices of Spinning and Winding the Yarn at the 17th century

                       Michael Friedman (Cohn Institute & KHK Aachen)

4:00 pm          Coffee Break

4:30 pm          Sympoietic Eco- Plexis: A post-digital approach towards ecologically- crafted textile

                       Nikoletta Karastathi (University College London, Bartlett)

5:15 pm          Patterns of Entanglement. The curatorial method of “Mobile Worlds”

                       Sophia Prinz (Zurich University of the Arts)

7:00 pm          Dinner


Thursday, July 4, 2024

Session II

10:00 am        Reflections that Matter: Tsuruko Yamazaki’s (Archi-)Textures

                       Gabrielle Schaad (Zurich University of the Arts & TU Munich)

10:45 am        Digital engagements and relations in Indian temple architecture for transnational

                       Megha Chand Inglis (University College London, Bartlett)

11:30 am        Coffee Break

12:00 am        #Quiltsforpulse: connected and shared socio-political activism through craftivism

                       Anna Keune (TU Munich)

01:00 pm        Lunch

Session III

2:00 pm          Digital Practices? “Scanning Girls” and the Computerization of Image Evaluation at the
                       German Electron Synchrotron (DESY)

                       Dinah Pfau (Deutsches Museum München)

2:45 pm          Journeys in mathematical landscapes: genius or craft?

                       Ursula Martin (University of Edinburgh)

3:30 pm          Coffee Break

4:00 pm          Feminist epistemologies in more than human entanglements

                      Waltraud Ernst (Johannes Kepler University Linz)

4:45 pm          Crafting Frictions and the importance to overcome longtermism and hegemonic male, cis-
                       gendered world views

                       Manuela Naveau (University for Art & Design Linz)

5:30 pm          Closing remarks