Martin Gorbahn

Carl von Linde Junior Fellow

University of Liverpool

Mathematical Sciences

Andrzej Jerzy Buras

Focus Group
Fundamental Physics

Short CV

From 1994 to 2000 Martin Gorbahn studied physics at Technical University of Munich, University of Glasgow and FAU Erlangen. In 2000 he received his diploma in physics from TUM. The following years he had a position as a Teaching Assistant (“Quantum Mechanics I”, “Quantum Mechanics II”, “Statistical Mechanics”,“Lie groups and applications in physics”) at TUM. In 2003 he was awarded his Ph.D. degree at TUM (dissertation: “QCD and QED anomalous dimension matrix for weak decays at NNLO”. Thesis advisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andrzej J. Buras). The following three years he spent at the University of Durham as Research Associate at the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology. In 2005 he taught “Particle Physics Master class” at the IPPP. He returned to Germany with a position as a Research Associate at the Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics at the University of Karlsruhe. In 2008, he returned to the TUM as a Carl von Linde Junior Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study and was a Junior Research group leader at the Excellence Cluster Universe until 2012. Since 2012, he is Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool, Department of Mathematical Science.

Selected Awards

Teaching prize for "Mechanics 1" tutorials

Research Interests

Gorbahn works on a particular extension of the Standard Model: a theory that can explain the dark matter found in the universe and can improve the understanding of the breakdown of the electroweak symmetry.

Selected Pulications

  • Davidson, Sacha; Gorbahn, Martin; Santamaria, Arcadi: From transition magnetic moments to Majorana neutrino masses. Physics Letters B 626 (1-4), 2005, 151-160.
  • Gorbahn, Martin; Haisch, Ulrich; Misiak, Mikołaj: Three-Loop Mixing of Dipole Operators. Phys. Rev. Lett. 95 (10), 2005.
  • Gorbahn, Martin; Haisch, Ulrich: Effective Hamiltonian for non-leptonic decays at NNLO in QCD. Nuclear Physics B 713 (1-3), 2005, 291-332.
  • Buras, A.J.; Haisch, U.; Nierste, U.; Gorbahn, M.: The rare decay K+® p+ v`v at the next-to-next-to-leading order in QCD. Physical Review Letters 95, 2005.
  • Bobeth, C.; Gambino, P.; Haisch, U.; Gorbahn, M.: Complete NNLO QCD analysis of B®Xsℓ+ℓ− and higher order electroweak effects. JHEP, 2004.
  • Gambino, Paolo; Gorbahn, Martin; Haisch, Ulrich: Anomalous dimension matrix for radiative and rare semileptonic B decays up to three loops. Nuclear Physics B 673 (1-2), 2003, 238-262.
  • Barenboim, Gabriela; Gorbahn, Martin; Nierste, Ulrich; Raidal, Martti: Higgs sector of the minimal left-right symmetric model. Physical Review D 65 (9), 2002.
  • Buras, A.J.; Gambino, P.; Gorbahn, M.; Jäger, S.; Silvestrini, L.: Universal unitarity triangle and physics beyond the standard model. Physics Letters B 500 (1-2), 2001, 161-167.

Publications as TUM-IAS-Fellow


  • Brod, Joachim; Gorbahn, Martin; Stamou, Emmanuel: Two-loop electroweak corrections for the K → π ν ν ¯ decays. Physical Review D 83 (3), 2011 more… BibTeX Full text ( DOI )