ERC Grants for IAS Fellows

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Jia Chen and Matthias Feige, IAS Rudolf Mößbauer Fellows, will be receiving prestigious ERC Consolidator Grants. Prof. Jia Chen works today in the search for greenhouse gas sources in cities. She is developing new types of sensors, methods, and models to precisely localize and quantify the emission sources of greenhouse gases and air pollutants in cities at high resolution. This can be used to efficiently reduce emissions, mitigate climate change, and reduce urban air pollution.

Matthias Feige is investigating how cells make and control important proteins. The objective is among others to find out how faulty membrane proteins are detected, which repair mechanisms exist and how defective proteins, which cannot be repaired, are degraded. The results of the project should fundamentally advance our understanding of how our cells function and could provide new strategies for treating various severe diseases.

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