Responsible Innovation Communication

The Focus Group „Responsible Innovation Communication“ involves Hans Fischer Senior Fellow Prof. Maja Horst (DTU – Technical University of Denmark) and her host Prof. Ruth Müller (TUM School of Management / TUM School of Life Sciences).

We aim to develop research and teaching in the area of public communication of emerging technology using Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an exemplary case. In particular, we will focus on the representation of scientists in public discourse as well as the role scientists play in producing public narratives. As a strategic priority, AI is expected to have disruptive and transformative effects in many industries and in the public sphere as well. Simultaneously, some voices in the public sphere also consider AI a threat to social values and practices. We focus on the effects of such a highly charged public and policy communication environment on the conditions for responsible research and innovation within AI. Radical expectations about the potential of future technology are important for the generation of resources, but they can also have adverse effects, for instance on the political decision-making to allow, postpone or deny experimental use of big data or AI in public services. Communication and responsiveness is therefore not an add-on to AI development, but a constituent part of how technologies can be developed in responsible ways.

Publications by the Focus Group


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