Structural Design

The building industry is a major contributor to the excessive consumption of raw materials, the generation of greenhouse gases, and the production of material waste. Tackling this problem requires devising strategies that effectively mitigate the environmental impact of existing and new buildings. The Focus Group „Structural Design“, headed by Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Professor Pierluigi D’Acunto, explores novel design and construction approaches that enable more efficient use of material resources by taking advantage of the interplay between form and forces in building structures. The research focuses on new computer-aided design methods at the interface between architecture and structural engineering. In this context, we explore equilibrium-based computational design and structural form-finding supported by machine learning. In addition, the Focus Group investigates innovative material systems and construction processes that make use of emerging technologies such as additive manufacturing and robotic fabrication. This includes the development of physical prototypes to validate the effectiveness of the design solutions in terms of environmental impact, structural performance, construction feasibility, and architectural potential.