Call for Nominations for the Sustainability Award 2024

As Award Coordinating University, TUM Institute for Advanced Study invites to submit nominations for the Sustainability Award supported by the Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation.

The Sustainability Awards supported by the Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation (NST) reflect the idea of sustainability in science, entrepreneurship, and politics. They are given each year to individuals or organizations whose actions are of potential breakthroughs and longstanding impact on our economy and society.

Topics 2024

  • Outstanding Research and Development in the field of Agriculture
  • Outstanding Research and Development in the field of Water
  • Leadership in Implementation (cross-field but sustainability-related)

The Outstanding Research and Development Award recognizes research activities' innovative and technological impact, presenting a potential for practical solutions and business opportunities.

The Leadership in Implementation Award recognizes the leadership of individuals or organizations as a deliberate approach to accelerating the global adoption of sustainability in implementing close-to-market solutions or initiating new thinking within society.

TUM Institute for Advanced Study is responsible for selecting the award winners with the help of international experts. The selection is made independently and without the involvement of the NST.

The Nobel Sustainability Trust

The Nobel Sustainability Trust Foundation is independent and has been legally registered in Switzerland since 2007 by four Nobel Family members. Today, its board of trustees includes five members of the Nobel Family. 

The mission of the NST is to promote sustainable economic growth that preserves and ultimately enhances the living systems on the planet, creates opportunities for people, and harnesses human ingenuity in support of a prosperous shared future.

Further information, submission form and guidelines at

Questions and further information

Mrs. Morwenna Joubin at TUM IAS

Mrs. Tracy J. Wang, CEO of the Nobel Sustainability Trust

Deadline for submitting nominations: Saturday, April 20th, 2024 (12 p.m./noon CET).