Theory of Complex Quantum Systems

Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Professor Prof. Robert König has founded the Focus Group Theory of Complex Quantum Systems.

Quantum technologies can provide new information-processing primitives beyond those realizable based on classical physics only. As our ability to create, manipulate and measure quantum systems improves with increasing experimental sophistication, advancing our theoretical understanding of the potential of quantum information processing becomes highly relevant.

This Focus Group studies mathematical questions arising from operational considerations related to quantum systems. This includes fundamental primitives such as communication, cryptography and computation. Areas of emphasis are the design and assessment of suitable mechanisms for the fault-tolerant preparation, processing and readout of quantum information in many-body systems, as well as the estimation of capacities of quantum channels. New insights into the entanglement structure of systems with many degrees of freedom can in turn be applied to variational quantum physics and the development of simulation methods.

TUM-IAS funded doctoral candidates:
Stefan Huber, Theory of Complex Quantum Systems
Martina Gschwendtner, Theory of Complex Quantum Systems