Collective Quantum Dynamics

The research of Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Professor Michael Knap aims at a broad range of questions from condensed matter theory and bridges to quantum optics, atomic physics, and computational sciences. Interactions and correlations in condensed matter systems often manifest in striking and novel properties. These properties emerge from collective behavior of the quantum particles. Many examples can be found in nature, including superconductors, quantum magnets and superfluids. The main focus of Knap's work has been on the development of analytical and numerical techniques to elucidate the effects of strong interactions. His research has addressed various questions in non-equilibrium quantum dynamics and transport in ultracold quantum gases, interacting light-matter systems, and correlated quantum materials.

TUM-IAS funded postdoctoral researcher:
Dr. Johannes Oberreuter, Collective Quantum Dynamics

TUM-IAS funded doctoral candidates:
Simon Weidinger, Collective Quantum Dynamics
Annabelle Bohrdt, Collective Quantum Dynamics