Multi-Messenger astrophysics and the United Nations Open Universe initiative

Paolo Giommi is a senior scientist at the Italian Space Agency, Rome Italy and Hans Fisher Senior Fellow at TUM-IAS. He, his host Prof. Elisa Resconi and Dr. Paolo Padovani of ESO, compose the focus group on “Multi-Messenger astrophysics and the United Nations Open Universe initiative”.

Our knowledge of the Universe is evolving very rapidly thanks to the constant improvement of consolidated observational techniques in all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, and to the recent opening of novel observational channels based on new “messengers” such as astrophysical neutrinos, ultra-high energy Cosmic Rays, and gravitational waves.

The focus group concentrates on the search for astrophysical sources that generate high-energy neutrinos and ultra-high energy cosmic rays, aiming at understanding the physical mechanisms that accelerate particles to the most extreme energies observed in nature. The focus group will also contribute to the “Open Universe” initiative by favouring the inclusion of existing, and openly available, space science data in Germany, and by developing new techniques for the utilization of open data in multi-wavelength, multi-messenger astrophysics.

TUM-IAS funded doctoral candidate:
Theo Glauch, Experimental Physics with Cosmic Particles