Simulation and Digital Twin

Dr. Barbara Solenthaler from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, works as a Hans Fischer Fellow with the TUM host Prof. Nils Thürey in the Focus Group Simulation and Digital Twin. The group pursues research on capturing fluids and acquiring a full flow description. Existing capture approaches typically require complex hardware setups and calibration, and hence there is a strong demand for capturing volumetric flow phenomena with more simple systems. At the same time, there is a huge lack of reliable flow databases that can be used for ground truth comparisons or for developing data-driven techniques. Our TUM-IAS project fills this gap: We extend the existing video-based flow capture stage at Thürey’s group at TUM to a multi-camera framework and compute accurate tomography reconstructions. We will capture a large number of high-resolution datasets and create the first large scale and publicly available flow database. The real-world captured data will be connected to physics simulations by deep learning methods that allow a high-quality mapping between the different data sources. Additionally, we target solving inverse problems in the simulation context and address challenges related to transfers between data domains.

TUM-IAS funded doctoral student:
Erik Franz,

Selected Publications by the Focus Group