Neuromorphic Computing

Prof. Hai “Helen” Li of Duke University, USA, works as a Hans Fischer Fellow in the Focus Group Neuromorphic Computing hosted by Prof. Ulf Schlichtmann (TUM Chair of Electronic Design Automation). As big data processing becomes pervasive and ubiquitous in our lives, the desire for embedded-everywhere and human-centric information systems calls for an intelligent computing paradigm that is capable of handling large volume of data through massively parallel operations under limited hardware and power resources. This demand, however, is unlikely to be satisfied through the traditional computer systems whose performance is greatly hindered by the increasing performance gap between CPU and memory as well as the fast-growing power consumption. Although we have not yet fully understood the working mechanism of human brains, the part that we have learned in past seventy years already guided us to many remarkable successes in computing applications, e.g., artificial neural network and machine learning. Our group works on “neuromorphic computing”, which stands for hardware acceleration of brain-inspired computing. The objective of our research is to innovate novel computing framework with ultra-high power efficiency by adopting the bio-inspired computation model and the advanced memristor technology. Creative applications of critical importance to nowadays mobile and embedded systems, including pattern recognition and video and image processing, will also be explored.