TUM Innovation Networks: Six TUM Exploratory Workshops taking place in November & December 2020

TUM Innovation Networks aim to foster innovative, high-risk, high-gain research projects spanning multiple disciplines. They are a central element of our institutional strategy, TUM Agenda 2030.

The teams who submitted the most promising project proposals to the Research Idea Inbox in September 2020 were invited to participate in a dedicated, project-specific two-day TUM Exploratory Workshop at TUM-IAS. During the two-day workshop, the project concept is developed further and finalized. Where necessary, further principal investigators can be included in the initial project team. The goal of the TUM Exploratory Workshop is to prepare for a 10-page concept paper reflecting the TUM-IAS motto „risking creativity“.

During November and December 2020 the following six TUM Exploratory Workshops will take place in a digital fomat:

Workshop I

Neural Engineering for Mental Health
Coordinator: Prof. Simon Jacob

Monday, 09.11.2020 
Tuesday, 10.11.2020              

Workshop II

SynLife - Innovation Network for the Synthesis of Life
Coordinator: Prof. Job Boekhoven

Multi-Scale Robotics
Coordinator: Prof. Friedrich Simmel

Monday, 16.11.2020             
Tuesday, 17.11.2020

Workshop III

Geometric Deep Learning: Beyond Euclidean Data
Coordinator: Prof. Daniel Cremers

Wednesday, 18.11.2020       
Thursday, 19.11.2020                       

Workshop IV

Machine Learning Powered Material Science: Optimized Selection of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Sustainable Energy Solutions. On the way to TUM.Digital-Catalysis
Coordinator: Prof. Alessio Gagliardi

Thursday, 26.11.2020           
Friday, 27.11.2020    

Workshop V

AID-AM – Artifical Intelligence Empowered Design for Additive Manufacturing
Coordinator: Prof. Nikolaus Adams

Monday, 30.11.2020 
Tuesday, 01.12.2020           

Workshop VI

Engineering Practical Quantum Technologies
Coordinator: Prof. Kai Müller

Material Platforms for Hybrid Quantum Technologies
Coordinator: Prof. Christian Pfleiderer

Thursday, 03.12.2020
Friday, 04.12.2020    

More information is available here: https://www.tum.de/en/research/research-projects/innovation-networks/