New publication: “Mercury Stories”

We are delighted to report that TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Senior Fellows Prof. Noelle Eckley Selin and Prof. Henrik Selin have recently published a book entitled “Mercury Stories: Understanding Sustainability through a Volatile Element”. The book is a major product of the collaboration within the TUM-IAS Focus Group “Pollutants and Sustainability Governance”.

“In Mercury Stories, Henrik Selin and Noelle Eckley Selin examine sustainability through analyzing human interactions with mercury over thousands of years. They explore how people have made beneficial use of this volatile element, how they have been harmed by its toxic properties, and how they have tried to protect themselves and the environment from its damaging effects. Taking a systems approach, they develop and apply an analytical framework that can inform other efforts to evaluate and promote sustainability.” (MIT Press)

More information can be found here.