Three TUM-IAS Fellows are ranked within the top 1% by citations in their field: Prof. Johannes Lehmann from Cornell University is a Hans Fischer Senior Fellow at TUM-IAS and member of the Focus Group Soil... [mehr]

Hans Fisher Senior Fellow, awarded by the TÜV SÜD Foundation, Prof. Bernhard Schrefler (University of Padova), recently commenced his second term as a member of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied... [mehr]

TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Senior Fellow Professor Klaus Kaestner receives the Roy O. Greep Award for Outstanding Research. This annual award recognizes meritorious contributions to research in endocrinology. Klaus... [mehr]

TUM-IAS Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Professor Matthias Feige, member of the TUM-IAS Focus Group Cellular Protein Biochemistry, and an international team of researchers were able to elucidate the mechanisms,... [mehr]

A team of researchers lead by TUM-IAS host Prof. Matthias Tschöp recently published a manuscript with the title “Astrocytic insulin signaling couples brain glucose uptake with nutrient availability” in the... [mehr]

The German weekly newspaper Die ZEIT published an article about interdisciplinary research at TUM-IAS in their last issue. They talked to TUM-IAS PhD student Regine Gradl about her work within the TUM-IAS Focus... [mehr]

Hans Fischer Fellow Prof. Alessandro Reali (Università degli Studi di Pavia; Focus Group Computational Mechanics: Geometry and Numerical Simulation) and Hans Fischer Senior Fellow Prof. Jane McKeating... [mehr]

Integrins help cells communicate with and adapt to their environment. Also cancer cells depend on their properties to survive and spread throughout the body. Now TUM-IAS Carl von Linde Senior Fellow Horst... [mehr]

Together with his co-workers Dr. Georg Böcherer and Patrick Schulte, TUM-IAS doctoral candidate Fabian Steiner (Focus Group Exploiting Antenna Arrays for Next Generation Wireless Communications Systems) has won... [mehr]

As of next year, the TÜV SÜD Foundation will be providing fellowships for visiting scientists from abroad at the TUM Institute for Advanced Study (TUM-IAS). The TÜV SÜD Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship will... [mehr]