From Advanced Studies on Sustainability

In 2002, IESP began to evolve as the Institute of Advanced Studies on Sustainability (IoS), a sub-institute of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA), focussing on environmental sciences and technology.

Following the workshop “The Art of Dealing Wisely with the Planet Earth” in 2008, IoS established the "International Expert Group on the Preservation of the Functionality of the Earth System." The first memorandum, entitled "Zugspitze Declaration."

Since then, IESP cooperates with the TUM Institute for Advanced Study that supports innovative, "high-risk, high-reward" topics through interdisciplinary initiatives. It brings together researchers from TUM with distinguished scholars from around the world. It is a registered non-profit organization at the magistrate court of Munich.

To Earth System Preservation

During the general assembly on October 6, 2015, the IoS changed its name to “IESP - Institute for Earth System Preservation.” The members of the International Expert Group are committed to providing knowledge, methodology, and cross-cutting expertise to maintain the life-enabling function of the Earth system. In this context, the term “Earth system” is understood as the interaction of the abiotic and biotic components of the world in which we live, including the human economy, culture, and society.

IESP serves as a liaison between experts, decision makers, and the public

to promote a mutually, beneficial exchange of concerns and knowledge, but most importantly to provide scientifically sound recommendations for action. IESP's activities support policy debates by providing a platform for reflection on the sustainable development of economic and societal systems in mutual relation to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Summaries and memoranda of past events are available for download. 

IESP strongly encourages any follow up research!