Institutional Organization

Executive Board

From Left to Right

Dr.-Ing. Martin Steger, CEO, COPLAN AG

Prof. Dr. Jörg Drewes, Department of Urban Water Systems Engineering, TUM

Prof. Dr. Michael von Hauff, Department of Business Administration and Economics, TU Kaiserslautern (Chairman)

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Mauser, Department of Geography, LMU  

Prof. Dr. Felix Unger, President of the European Academy of Science and Arts (ex officio)

Prof. Dr. Peter Wilderer, Founder of IESP (Honorary Chairman), (not in the picture)

Project Management

Dr. Agnes Limmer & Jessica Westermayr

Advisory Board

In accordance with its common practice, IESP has no advisory board. The association's general assembly and its members fulfill this role.

Strategic Partners

Visiting Fellows

Prof. Michael Ghil (2013)

Home Institute: CERES-ERTI, École Normale Supérieure
Host: Prof. Patrick Dewilde

Prof. Slav Hermanowicz (2013)

Home Institute: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley Host: Prof. Patrick Dewilde

Prof. Tomas Kaberger (2013)

Home Institute: Energy and Environment, Chalmers University of Technology
Host: Prof. Ulrich Stimming


Organizational Chart