Optoelectronic Properties of Perovskite Semiconductors

The focus group is led by Hans Fischer Senior Fellow Professor Laura Herz (University of Oxford) and her hosts, Rudolf Mößbauer Tenure Track Professor David Egger (TUM) and Professor Thomas Bein (LMU).

Perovskite semiconductors are among the most promising energy materials for new generations of low-cost, highly efficient technological devices such as solar cells and light-emitting diodes. This Focus Group investigates the physical and chemical phenomena that underlie the spectacular optoelectronic properties of perovskite and perovskite-like materials. These include the transport of electric and ionic charge, optical properties, and vibrational characteristics. The goal of the Focus Group is to propose novel perovskite and perovskite-like material compositions that show improved properties, e.g., enhanced stability or reduced toxicity. To this end, the research approach combines a variety of tools from optical spectroscopy, microscopic theory, and material synthesis.

Prof. Herz has been awarded a TUM-IAS­@e-conversion Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship.

TUM-IAS funded postdoctoral researcher:
Dr. Sebastian Caicedo Davila, Theory of Functional Energy Materials

Publications by the Focus Group


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  • Wright, Adam D.; Buizza, Leonardo R. V.; Savill, Kimberley J.; Longo, Giulia; Snaith, Henry J.; Johnston, Michael B.; Herz, Laura M.: Ultrafast Excited-State Localization in Cs2AgBiBr6 Double Perovskite. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 12 (13), 2021, 3352-3360 mehr…