Piotr Tryjanowski

Short CV

Piotr Tryjanowski started his career as a classical naturalist and birdwatcher (ornithologist), publishing his first observations while still in secondary school time. During his PhD studies, however, he began to study agricultural ecology, mathematical modelling, population ecology and then ecology, especially avian phenology. His work has almost always been dedicated to agricultural areas, and more recently also to aspects of urban ecology. He cooperated as a scientific expert for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and published papers with international teams in top scientific journals such as Nature, Nature Communications, Global Ecology and Biogeography. However, he is fascinated by independency and nature conservation, so he launched a project called data not dogma, looking for evidence for effective nature conservation. This has been a reason for cooperation with hunters, engineers, urban planners etc. His publications as well as public and educational activities are linked to many scientific disciplines and cover not only biological sciences, but also sociology, psychology and economics. His work is well cited not only in scientific journals but also in handbooks (especially on agriculture, animal behaviour, ecology, and climate) and even discussed in mass media (including BBC, New Scientists).

Selected Awards

  • 2019 - Title Doctor honoris causa Czech University of Life Sciences 1998 - Brilliant Polish Young Scientist START FNP
  • 2017 - Important Person for the Polish Environment
  • 2017 - Scientific Award of Poznan City
  • 2014 ­- Important Person for Polish Agriculture
  • 2007 - One of the authors of the fourth IPCC Report (AR4) which was honoured by the Nobel Peace Prize

Research Interests

citizen science, climate change, One Health, data not dogma initiative in ecology and conservation, ornithology, birdwatching

Selected Publications

Full list of publications: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ACE29vIAAAAJ&hl=en

  • Randler, C., Murawiec, S., & Tryjanowski, P. (2022). Committed Bird-Watchers Gain Greater Psychological Restorative Benefits Compared to Those Less Committed Regardless of Expertise. Ecopsychology, 14: 101-110.
  • Yosef, R. & Tryjanowski, P. (2022) Citizen Science for Future Generations. Front. Ecol. Evol. 10:847461.
  • Panday, P., Pal, N., Samanta, S., Tryjanowski, P., & Chattopadhyay, J. (2021). Dynamics of a stage-structured predator-prey model: cost and benefit of fear-induced group defense. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 528: 110846.
  • Tryjanowski, P., Beim, M., Kubicka, A. M., Morelli, F., Sparks, T. H., & Sklenicka, P. (2021). On the origin of species on road warning signs: a global perspective. Global Ecology and Conservation, 27, e01600.
  • Tryjanowski, P., Nowakowski, J.J., Indykiewicz, P., Andrzejewska, M., Śpica, D., Sandecki, R., Mitrus, C. Goławski, A., Dulisz, B., Dziarska, J., Janiszewski, T., Minias, P. Świtek, S., Tobolka, M. Włodarczyk, R., Szczepańska, B., & Klawe, J.J. (2020). Campylobacter in wintering great tits Parus major in Poland. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27: 7570–7577.
  • Tryjanowski P., Sparks T.H., Jerzak L., Rosin Z.M., Skórka P. (2014) A paradox for conservation: electricity pylons benefit avian diversity in intensively used farmland. Conserv. Lett. 7: 34–40.
  • Tryjanowski P, Sparks TH, Kuźniak S, Czechowski P, Jerzak L (2013) Bird Migration Advances More Strongly in Urban Environments. PLoS ONE 8: e63482.
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  • Sparks T.H., Tryjanowski P. (2005). The detection of climate impacts: some methodological considerations. Int. J. Climatol. 25: 271-277.

Publications as TUM-IAS-Fellow