New Publication by the TUM-IAS: Science, Reason, Sustainability

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Food for thought for the time after Corona

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic confronts the international community with cross-border challenges of historic proportions. As a result, the world is undergoing a fundamental change.

This global change process offers the opportunity to transform the standstill that has arisen into progress for society as a whole. Around 90 well-known representatives from science, education, business, the media, and politics support this multifaceted innovation process in this publication of food for thought. From a technical perspective, they want to contribute to designing a human-friendly future, also for later/coming generations.

The central questions in this publication are: What does "responsibility" and "sustainability" mean in political, economic, and social action? What are sustainable innovations in technology, communication, and education? How can digitalization and artificial intelligence contribute to solving these challenges?

The authors want to encourage the readers to deepen the new skills and experience gained in the past few weeks, may it be in school and university education, in private and professional communication, or production and sales in small or large companies. Let us preserve the courage to venture scientifically sound new without long discussions!

The pubication is available as pdf-file on mediaTUM.

More information can be found on the website of the TUM Emeriti of Excellence