Call for Applications: Anna Boyksen, Hans Fischer, Hans Fischer Senior and Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellowships

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TUM-IAS hereby invites applications for Fellowships in the following categories of its Fellowship program:

  • Anna Boyksen Fellowships for outstanding scientists from outside TUM who intend to explore gender- and diversity-relevant themes in the context of the TUM subject portfolio (more information)
  • Hans Fischer Fellowships for outstanding early-career scientists from outside TUM (more information) – please see specifics on the program below!
  • Hans Fischer Senior Fellowships for renowned international scientists from outside TUM (more information) – please see specifics on the program below!
  • Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellowship for a highly qualified researcher from industry (more information)

Further information on the conditions and the selection process is available here.

Regional Hans Fischer (Senior) Fellows (Africa and Eastern Europe*): To promote regional diversity, the TUM-IAS will award one of the Hans Fischer or Hans Fischer Senior Fellowships to a candidate from a home institution in Africa or Eastern Europe (list of eligible Eastern European countries at the end of this page). Candidates for this Fellowship will undergo a separate evaluation, taking into account local evaluation factors. The Fellow will then receive the regular Hans Fischer (Senior) Fellowship benefits. For the Regional Fellowship, the tandem application rule (see below) does not apply.

Siemens Hans Fischer (Senior) Fellows: TUM-IAS invites nominations for Hans Fischer (Senior) Fellowships that focus on the research fields of Simulation and Digital Twin and the Future of Autonomous Systems/Robotics. Up to two Fellowships can be awarded in the course of this call.

IAS@Cluster of Excellence: TUM-IAS invites nominations for Hans Fischer or Hans Fischer Senior Fellowships by the Coordinators of the Cluster of Excellence e-conversion. Nominees are jointly hosted by a TUM and a LMU professor who are both involved in the Cluster of Excellence e-conversion, and plan to work on a project scientifically relevant to the Cluster. One Fellowship funded by the Cluster can be awarded in the course of this call. For further information, please contact the Cluster’s management before submitting the proposal to TUM-IAS.

We would also like to draw your attention to the tandem application rule for Hans Fischer and Hans Fischer Senior Fellowships (including the Siemens and Cluster Fellows): As in the previous years, each TUM professor (Host) is required to suggest two candidates, at least one of which must be a female researcher. Both applications will be evaluated individually according to our usual multi-stage evaluation procedure. Tandem nominations can be for the same or for several Fellowship categories (Anna Boyksen, Hans Fischer, Hans Fischer Senior, Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellowship). From the proposed tandem, both candidates may be successful, or one, or none.

Applications are to be submitted online (link to the application forms) by October 27, 2020.

To scientists and TUM professors considering a future collaboration, we would also like to point out the TUM Global Visiting Professor Program (more information) for short-term visits of up to three months. During this initial shorter visit, prospective collaborators can explore the possibility of a future, more long-term collaboration in the framework of an Anna Boyksen, Hans Fischer (Senior) or Rudolf Diesel Industry Fellowship. The TUM Global & Alumni Office will publish a call for proposals for this program at the end of October 2020.

TUM-IAS explicitly encourages nominations of and applications from women as well as from all others who would bring additional diversity dimensions to the university’s research and teaching strategies.

For questions, please contact TUM-IAS Program Managers Anna Kohout, Eva Pettinato or Dr. Susanne Wahler.

* For this purpose, Eastern Europe includes the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.