Scientists Meet Scientists – TUM-IAS Wednesday Coffee Talk | Seminar Series of European Universities on Sustainability by Dr. Benjamin Schütze: "Renewable Energies, Renewed Authoritarianisms? The Political Economy of Solar Energy in the MENA"

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On July 24,  2024, Dr. Benjamin Schütze (Young Academy for Sustainability Research, University of Freiburg, Germany) will present the last talk in our Seminar Series of European Universities on Sustainability, which has become an integral part of our Wednesday Coffee Talks. The talk is entitled "Renewable Energies, Renewed Authoritarianisms? The Political Economy of Solar Energy in the MENA".


Countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are pursuing ambitious targets for a transition from fossil fuels to renewables. While this shift marks an important point of transition, the region’s political economy is still predominantly analysed through the prism of fossil fuels and state-centric approaches. This presentation challenges the methodological nationalism of previous studies by applying a (trans-)regional approach that focuses on different actors within and beyond the nation-state. Its main interest lies in how politics is driving the expansion of solar energy in the MENA, and how this (re-)shapes established authoritarian practices. While the distributed nature of solar energy offers a possibility for more democratic, inclusive and independent (energy) politics, transregionally connected authoritarian elites attempt to transform it into concentrated forms of political and economic power. This could replicate existing dependencies and authoritarian practices.

Date: July 24, 2024
Time: 13:00 CEST (until approx. 14:00)
Location: online

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Seminar Series of European Universities on Sustainability
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