Focal Period Workshop on Advanced Computational Modeling for Tumor Growth Prediction

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Date: September 24-25, 2018
Location: TUM Institute for Advanced Study, Lichtenbergstr. 2 a, 85748 Garching


  • Prof. Alessandro Reali, University of Pavia
  • Prof. Bernhard Schrefler, University of Padova
  • Prof. Wolfgang A. Wall, Computational Mechanics, TUM

Preliminary Program:

Morning session
09:00Welcome Address
Bernhard Schrefler (University of Padua)
09:05Some open problems in modeling tumor growth and interaction with the microenvironment
Bernhard Schrefler (University of Padua)
09:30My 25 years of failures to cure metastatic disease
Mauro Ferrari (Houston Methodist)
10:00Molecular imaging with and for advanced computational models
Wolfgang Weber (TUM)
10:30 Coffee Break (Atrium, 1st floor)
11:00Toward predictive models of tumor growth 
John Tinsley Oden (University of Texas at Austin/ ICES)
11:30Recent advances in modeling multiphase flow using the thermodynamically constrained averaging theory
Casey Miller (University of North Carolina)
12:00Non-coding RNAs in vascular disease management
Lars Mägdefessel (TUM)
12:30Lunch Break
Afternoon session
14:00 PDE–constrained inverse problems in Neuro-oncology
George Biros (University of Texas at Austin/ ICES)
14:30Application of the smeared concept for mass transport to tumor-growth models
Milos Kojic (Houston Methodist)
15:00Multiphase model for 3-dimensional tumor growth 2.0: mechano-oncology across scales
Guiseppe Sciumè (University of Bordeaux)
15:30Coffee Break (Atrium, 1st floor)
16:00Role of interstitial fluid flow on tumor angiogenesis 
Hector Gomez (Purdue University)
16:30Relevance of membrane transporters to anticancer metallodrugs discovery
Angela Casini (University of Cardiff)
17:00Organ-scale, patient-specific computational modeling of prostate cancer 
Guillermo Lorenzo (University of Pavia)

Morning session
09:00Advances in x-ray imaging for tumor visualization
Julia Herzen (TUM)
09:30Comparative translational pathology
Katja Steiger (TUM)
10:00A flexible in-silico framework for modeling (a-)vascular tumor growth 
Johannes Kremheller (TUM) 
10:30Coffee Break (Atrium, 1st floor)
11:00Discussion (Round Table)
12:30Lunch Break
Afternoon session
14:00Patient specific CT-based FEA of femurs with metastatic tumors – a leap to clinical practice 
Zohar Yosibash (Tel Aviv University)
14:30Parametrizing tumor growth models from clinical image data: glioma and multiple myeloma
Bjoern Menze (TUM)
Estimating tumor load using liquid profiling of patient blood samples
Christof Winter (TUM)
15:30Signatures of tobacco smoke and irradiation tethered in lung adenocarcinoma
Georgious Stathopolous (Helmholtz Center Munich)