Start-Up Funding

The TUM-IAS Start-up Fund is dedicated to fostering the exploration of new scientific or technological topics. Eligible for this program are first and foremost, members of the TUM-IAS Community who want to explore new areas with the possibility of generating new collaborations/research grants in the future, mainly via the organization of exploratory workshops. These funds cannot be used for supporting regular seminars or conferences or already ongoing collaborations. Exploratory workshops are mostly by invitation and aim at engaging an international community of researchers to spend a few days in Munich in both formal and informal presentations and discussions on new ideas and developments. This special fund is limited, and potential organizers will typically have to arrange for additional funding through other means. The contribution to such an event will be in the range of € 4000, to be negotiated with the TUM-IAS management team. TUM-IAS will also provide some services towards the organization of the event and the use of the TUM-IAS building and facilities. The TUM-IAS management team shall be happy to provide prospective organizers with further information.

For Fellows in their active Fellowship period, such activities will be covered primarily by the research funds available through their Fellowship. To apply for Start-up support, TUM-IAS members hand in a short proposal describing the project, the overall budget, and the funds required via Start-up support.

Please contact the TUM-IAS office with any additional question.