Former Director of TUM-IAS

Prof. Patrick Dewilde

Director of TUM-IAS (2008-2013)

Tel. +32 485 458733


Professional Address:
Technische Universität München
Institute for Advanced Study
Lichtenbergstraße 2 a
85748 Garching Germany


1970 Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
Thesis: Cascade Scattering Matrix Synthesis
Thesis advisors: R.W. Newcomb, R.E. Kalman
1968 License in Mathematics, Belgian Central Examination Commission
1966 Electrical Engineer (M.Sc.), Catholic University of Leuven


2013-presentDistinguished Affiliated Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of TUM
2008-2013 Founding Director of the Institute for Advanced Study of Technische Universität München
2003-2007Scienti fic Director of the ICT Delft Research Centre
2001-2007 Chairman of the Circuits and Systems Section of the Faculty EEMCS at TU Delft
1995-2004 Chairman of the Dutch Technology Foundation STW - the Dutch funding agency for academic research in Technology
2004-2006Director of DIMES, the Delft Institute for Microelectronics and Submicron
1977-1993 Professor in Network Theory and Chairman of the CACD and Signal Processing Laboratory, Delft University of Technology
1975-1977Associate Professor in Numerical Analysis, Catholic University of Leuven
1973-1976Qualified Researcher in Circuit and System Theory and Numerical Mathematics, Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research
1971-1973Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, University of Lagos
Teaching Duties in Electronics and Microwave Techniques
Head of the Electronics Laboratory and the Microwave Laboratory
1970-1971Associate Researcher in Mathematics (ONR Fellow), University of California at Berkeley
1966-1968 Teaching Assistant in Electronics, Catholic University of Leuven

Awards / Honours

2013  Distinguished Affiliated Professor in Electrical Engineering, TechnischeUniversität München
2011Vitold Belevitch IEEE Circuits and Systems Award
2007Chairman of the Point-One Academic Council
2007(Elected) Chairman of the ENIAC Scienti c Community Council
2006 Knighthood of the Dutch Lion
2003 Humboldt Research Prize
2000 IEEE Circuits and System Society Golden Jubilee Medal
1994Titulary of the Honorary Chair ’Vlaamse Leergangen 1994’ at the Catholic University of Louvain
1995Honorary Medal of Delft University of Technology for advisorship of 25 Ph.D. graduates
1993 Elected Member of the Dutch Royal Academy of Science
1985 & 1990 Meyerhoff Fellow at the Weizmann Institute
1988 Best paper award (International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications)
1981 IEEE Fellow for ’contributions to Network Theory, especially the synthesis of scattering matrices’
1970 ONR Postgraduate Fellow in Applied Mathematics
1966Award for the ’Best Master Thesis’ by the Belgian Association of Engineers (K.VIV)