The Future of Health – International Summit and Summer School 2021

Triggered by the Covid 19 pandemic, the future of health systems is a question of high priority worldwide. The interdisciplinary summit on the „Future of Health“ at TUM addresses the current health challenges and focusses on the fundamental shifts inevitable for sustainable health. The main focus is on six topics that are driving the change in health, current questions are discussed and innovative answers are developed for the health sector: what will be the New Normal?

1. Driving economic growth & improving quality of life & life expectancy: can we have it all?
2. Lessons from COVID-19 and how to prepare for the next global health challenge
3. What does the healthcare system of the future look like – lessons from around the world
4. Shifting from a sickness service to a wellness system
5. The robot will see you now: How will technology transform healthcare systems
6. Leading change – how to get change to stick

Take part and learn from leading international experts from science, administration, and international business who shed light on the health sector from a wide range of perspectives and with regard to future challenges.

More information and the registration can be found here (TUM Department of Sport and Health Sciences).