Wednesday, May 18

8:30-9:10RegistrationIAS Faculty Club
9:10–9:20WelcomeIAS Auditorium
9:20–10:00Christine DaviesStandard Model Parameters from Lattice QCD
10:00–10:30Alexey PetrovSidestepping Heavy-quark Masses in Precision Higgs Analyses
10:30–11:00CoffeeIAS Faculty Club
11:00–11:30Antonio PinedaRenormalons and Lattice Gauge Theory
11:30–12:10Christoph LehnerMuon g−2 Hadronic Vacuum Polarization
12:10-12:50Phaedon-Stelios KoutsourelakisPredictive Coarse-graining: A Bayesian Perspective
12:50–14:10LunchIAS Faculty Club
14:10–14:40Peter StofferMuon g−2 Hadronic Light by Light: Dispersive Approach
14:40–15:10Taku IzubuchiMuon g−2 Hadronic Light by Light: Lattice QCD
15:10–15:40Roundtable DiscussionMuon g−2
Marina Marinkovic (moderator), Christine Davies, Jeremy Green, Taku Izubuchi, Christoph Lehner, Marcus Petschlies, Peter Stoffer
15:40–16:10CoffeeIAS Faculty Club
16:10–16:30Javad KomijaniHeavy Quark Masses from Heavy Meson Masses
16:30–17:00Antonio Vairoαs from the Static Energy
17:00–17:30Rainer SommerAccuracy of QCD Perturbation Therory
Andreas Kronfeld (moderator), Christine Davies, Javad Komijani, Alexey Petrov, Rainer Sommer, Antonio Vairo


Thursday, May 19

9:00–9:30Gerhard BuchallaEffective Field Theory for Strongly-Coupled Higgs
9:30–10:00André Walker-LoudMassive Photons for QED+QCD
10:00–10:30Johan BijnensChiral Perturbation Theory with Twisted Boundary Conditions
10:30–11:00CoffeeIAS Faculty Club
11:00–11:40Ignacio CiracQuantum Optics and Lattice Gauge Systems
11:40–12:10Mari Carmen BañulsMatrix Product States for Lattice Field Theories
12:10–12:40Roundtable DiscussionMatrix Product States
Karl Jansen (moderator), Mari Carmen Bañuls, Ignacio Cirac, Yannick Meurice
12:40–14:00LunchIAS Faculty Club
14:00–14:35Christopher SachrajdaLattice Kaon Physics
14:35–15:10Stephen SharpeChiral Perturbation Theory with Physical-mass Ensembles
15:10–15:40Roundtable Discussion21st Century Chiral Perturbation Theory
Johan Bijnens (moderator), Christopher Sachrajda, Stephen Sharpe, Savvas Zafeiropoulos
15:40-16:10CoffeeIAS Faculty Club
16:10–16:50Paolo GambinoHeavy-Flavor Physics: CKM
16:50–17:30Aida El-KhadraHeavy-Flavor Physics: BSM
17:30–18:00Roundtable DiscussionFlavor Physics
Joachim Brod (moderator), Andrzej Buras, Aida El-Khadra, Paolo Gambino, Christopher Monahan, Alexey Petrov
19:00–21:00Social DinnerGasthof Neuwirt, Münchenerstraße 10, Garching


Friday, May 20

9:00–9:40Peter PetreczkyQCD Thermodyamics
9:40–10:00Johannes WeberStatic Energy at T > 0
10:00–10:30Joan SotoEffective Field Theories for Open Quantum Systems: Heavy Quarkonium in a Fireball
10:30–11:00CoffeeIAS Faculty Club
11:00–11:30Harvey MeyerTransport Coefficients and Lattice QCD
11:30–12:00Roundtable DiscussionThermodynamics
Nora Brambilla (moderator), Harvey Meyer, Peter Petreczky, Alexander Rothkopf, Joan Soto, Antonio Vairo
12:00–12:40Gerrit SchierholzLattice QED+QCD
12:40–14:00LunchIAS Faculty Club
14:00–14:40Constantia AlexandrouNucleon Matrix Elements
14:40–15:10Richard HillEffective Field Theory and the Proton Radius Puzzle
15:10–15:40Huey-Wen Linx Dependent Parton Densities from Lattice QCD
15:40-16:10CoffeeIAS Faculty Club
16:10–16:50Luis Alvarez-RusoHadronic Matrix Elements for Neutrino Cross Sections
16:50–17:30Will DetmoldLattice QCD and Nuclear Physics
17:30–18:00Roundtable DiscussionNucleon Matrix Elements
André Walker-Loud (moderator), Constantia Alexandrou, Luis Alvarez-Ruso, Will Detmold, Richard Hill, Huey-Wen Lin


Saturday, May 21

9:00–9:40Colin MorningstarHadron Spectroscopy
9:40–10:10Gunnar BaliHadroquarkonium in Lattice QCD
10:10–10:30Matthias BerweinHybrid Quarkonium Effective Field Theories
10:30–11:00CoffeeIAS Faculty Club
11:00–11:30Christopher MonahanOperater Product Expansion with Gradient Flow
11:30–12:00Zoltan FodorAxion Cosmology
12:00–12:40Jack LaihoRenormalization of Lattice Quantum Gravity
12:40–13:40LunchIAS Faculty Club
14:00–16:00TourMPQ/LMU quantum-optics labs, Max Planck Institut für Quantenoptik
18:00–20:00Informal get-togetherBiergarten Mühlenpark, Garching