Visiting Fellowship for Alumni Fellows

Aim: TUM-IAS awards the “Visiting Fellowship for Alumni Fellows” to Alumni Fellows who would like to continue or revive their collaboration with a TUM Host and/or group. The Visiting Fellowship for Alumni is available for a period of up to three months. All Alumni Fellows from institutions other than TUM are welcome to apply.

Funding: The Visiting Fellowship for Alumni Fellows contains funding for travel and local accommodation. The overall amount will be appointed individually by TUM-IAS and depends on various factors e.g. the length of the period of stay. The funding can only be used for the Alumnus/a Fellow. (If you have family obligations and cannot travel by yourself, please discuss this with the TUM-IAS management.) Costs will be reimbursed on the basis of tickets, invoices etc.; it is not possible to transfer the funding to the Alumnus/a Fellow’s account.

How to apply: TUM-IAS awards the Visiting Fellowship for Alumni Fellows on the basis of a nomination by a TUM professor (usually the former Host).

  • Nominations can be made at any time of the year.
  •  A nomination must include the current CV of the candidate (including a list of the most important 3-5 publications) and a statement of purpose (~2 pages) jointly written by the Alumnus/a Fellow and the nominator. The statement of purpose describes the scientific collaboration planned for the visit, including any planned talks or other scientific events. It should also provide information on the proposed length and period of stay, a budget plan, and practical arrangements for hosting the candidate (TUM-IAS can provide assistance and accommodation and office facilities).
  • Alumni Fellows can apply for one Visiting Fellowship per year.

The Director of TUM-IAS will decide on the award after consultation with the staff of TUM-IAS, taking budgetary considerations into account.

For other scientists interested in visiting TUM and/or the TUM-IAS for a short period of time, please see the TUM Global Visiting Professor Program.


Prof. Josef Rauschecker (Georgetown University)
Hans Fischer Senior Fellow (2014-2017)
Host: Prof. Wolfgang Weber, MED

Prof. Bernhard Schrefler (University of Padua)
Hans Fischer Senior Fellow (2016-2019)
Host: Prof. Wolfgang Wall, MW