Scientists Meet Scientists – Virtual TUM-IAS Wednesday Coffee Talk by TUM-IAS Fellow Dr. Luca Magri: "Physics-aware machine learning to predict unpredictable fluids"

On May 19th, TUM-IAS Hans Fischer Fellow Dr. Luca MagriImperial College London, Aeronautics Department will give a talk on
"Physics-aware machine learning to predict unpredictable fluids“. 

May 19, 2021
Time: 13:00 (until approx.14:00)
Location: online
Registration: Due to the ongoing pandemic, the TUM-IAS Wednesday Coffee talks are currently held online. To register please send an email to

The ability of fluid mechanics modelling to predict the evolution of a flow is enabled by physical principles and empirical approaches. Physical principles, for example conservation laws, are extrapolative (until the assumptions upon which they hinge break down): they provide predictions on phenomena that have not been observed. Human beings are excellent at extrapolating knowledge because we are excellent at finding physical principles. Empirical modelling provides correlation functions within data. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are excellent at empirical modelling.

In this talk, the complementary capabilities of both approaches will be exploited to achieve adaptive modelling and optimization of nonlinear, unsteady and uncertain flows. The focus of the talk is on computational methodologies for modelling and optimization: (i) data assimilation with a Bayesian approach, (ii) reservoir computing with Bayesian optimization and (iii) auto-encoders (time permitting). The physics is embedded as soft and hard constraints. The flows under investigation are relevant to aerospace propulsion, with a focus on thermoacoustics, and turbulence, with a focus on the Kolmogorov flow. 


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