Forum on specification & Design Languages


Date: September 10-12, 2018
Location: TUM Institute for Advanced Study, Lichtenbergstraße 2 a, 85748 Garching

FDL is an international forum to exchange experiences and promote new trends in the application of languages, their associated design methods, and tools for the design of electronic systems. FDL stimulates scientific and controversial discussions within and in-between scientific topics as described below.

The program structure includes research working sessions, embedded tutorials, panels, and technical discussions. The forum includes tutorials and fringe meetings, such as user group or standardization meetings. “Wild and Crazy Ideas” are also welcome.

For all of these tracks, electronic systems of interest to FDL include (but once again are not limited to) those that are used in internet-of-things (IoT), cyber-physical systems (CPS), mixed criticality embedded systems, automatic driving and driver assistance, real-time systems, reconfigurable and secure computing.

Further information and registration details can be found on the FDL's website: 


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